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Final Cut Pro HD

HD vs. SD/DV
Standard 4:3 NTSC
Standard Definition
High Definition HD Plasma, Projection, LCD
High Definition

   The best way to understand High Definition is the image has a higher resolution allowing a viewer to see more of the picture at a better quality. At SPF Transfer we have the ability to capture DVCPRO HD over FireWire then once the project is cut we can output over FireWire with no degradation of quality loss. Some edit houses will force recompression using some HD codecs.

Supported Formats supplied by APPLE
Frame Size Format Transport Sampling Data Size
DVCPRO HD FireWire 4:2:2
5.8 - 14MBps
— 1080i
— 720p
8-bit, 10-bit Uncomp. PCI 4:2:2 90-160MBps
— 1080i
— 1080 24p
— 720p
DV FireWire 4:1:1 3.6MBps
DVCAM FireWire 4:1:1 3.6MBps
DVCPRO FireWire 4:1:1 3.6MBps
DVCPRO 50 FireWire 4:2:2 7.7MBps
8-bit, 10-bit Uncomp. FireWire or PCI 4:2:2 20 - 27 MBps