Editing Process
HIGH DEFINITION & Special Effects

Our edit bay has over 150 real-time-capable effect, transitions and filters. In addition to our real time effects our 3D artists have the ability to output specials effects in MAYA, LIGHTWAVE, 3D Studio Max in HIGH DEFINITION.

Check out our demo reel
This demo reel was cut using Final Cut Pro HD. If you haven't heard the new version of Final Cut Pro enables you to import and export high definition. We also master onto High Definition, DigiBeta, DVCAM or BetaCam SP format. Our Editing bay can handle all forms of High Definition.

Check out a sample of our 3D Animation
With the demands of the rich media increasing, our team of professionals is focused on giving our clients the most cutting edge design. Our designers incorporate a wide variety of tools from 2D to 3D allowing for a dynamic and stellar design.