For over 15 years SPF Transfer has been the leader in the digital world we are one of the largest manufacturers for the video industry in Los Angeles. Our state of the art facility consists of everything you need to complete any video production. Our facility has over 3,000 VHS duplicators and 8 sprinters. 15 authoring stations, 6 hardware-encoding stations, 3 nonlinear editing bays, and we can transfer any format to any format.

The Leader in the Digital World

    DVD authoring, VHS, DVCAM, cd, vhs, duplication, replication, NTSC, PAL, DVD-R, 601We are your one-stop shop for high-quality DVD & VHS production. Our goal is to provide all of our clients regardless of the size or scope of their order, with the highest quality customer service. We offer a wide range of service including VHS duplication, DVD Authoring/Replication complete with DVD manufacturing, and world-class graphic design& 3D animation. We can deliver any quantity of DVD's with a wide variety of packaging option. We also can create artwork for you discs, packaging, and inserts. If you prefer to create your own artwork we can provide you with a template and tips to make the process painless. Our post house utilizes both MAC and PC systems so we can accommodate any form of media that is necessary to fulfill any production.
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